Custom Corporate Training for Python and Data Professionals

Get your team on the same page. Make sure they are speaking the same language and are at the same level. Companies can master Python and Data Science in days and put their skills to work immediately. Learn the fundamentals of Python, advanced Python, data analysis with pandas, visualization, machine learning, testing, and much more.

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Taught at Companies Big and Small

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Hands-on Training with Personal Attention

An innovative, individualized approach. We use a combination of lecture, hands-on group programming, and individual labs to teach concepts in all learning modalities. We do not pull punches; some of these tools have confusing aspects or warts that you might run into. We do not shy away from those, but rather expose students to real-world issues and give them the tools to overcome them.


Does Your Team Need Training?

  • Get your knowledge baseline equalized. Learn the concepts and the jargon to not talk past each other
  • Reinforce concepts that you have seen but never used or have forgotten. There are often better ways to do things, but we aren't aware of them.
  • Increase your productivity. I have had multiple trainings where a line of code turned on the lightbulb. It was a breakthrough moment or an answer to a hard problem. Hundreds of lines of code replaced with five lines.
  • Invest in your greatest asset, your colleagues. Most students enjoy training. Often discussions occur that bond or empower the group.
  • Training is perhaps the most cost-effective mechanism for growing skills.

Courses Designed by Years of Experience


Fundamentals of Python

Most Popular

Most developers don't know what they don't know. Fill in the knowledge gaps and understand how Python works under the covers. You might have programmed in Python before, but you will come out of this class grokking the syntax, and what the syntax abstracts underneath.


Intermediate Python

The Fun Stuff

Python has some cool language features that will boost your productivity. This class digs into closures, decorators, comprehension constructs, context managers, generators, and more. You might have heard of these, or used some of them, but you will come out of this class understanding the code smells to look for and how to use these constructs in practice.


Data Analysis with Python

Data Chops Stuff

Python is the number one tool for data scientists. This course will dive into the background as to why. This is an applied EDA course using the Python stack. We will leverage pandas, numpy, matplotlib, and seaborn to really understand data. If you are sick of debugging Excel or want to see what the hype is all about, this is your course.


Machine Learning with Python

Structured Data Modelling

It has been said that it is easier to teach ML to subject matter experts than to teach the subject to data scientists. On that note, we will examine superivised and unsupervised machine learning with Python. We will leverage pandas, scikit-learn, xgboost, yellowbrick, and more.

Level up in a short time

Some engineers are motivated to learn on their own. But let's face the facts, most are not. And those that are can be held back by others. If you want to train your team, the most effective way is to get them together and let them learn together. Our labs and group programming assignments are designed from real-world application of Python, analysis, and modeling. Students will be shown warts and issues that they will encounter outside of pristine lab and book environments. Plus, the discussions that happen as the group explores where to apply their newfound knowledge can be priceless. You owe it to your team to empower them and improve their productivity.


“I liked learning about libraries to use for machine learning. I liked the pace of learning (not too fast or slow). I like how I have a lot of example code and notebooks to refer back to... Overall, BEST training class I've had by far. Thanks!
—J. Wiggins, Course Recipient
“I was able to take away a lot of information that I will be able to use in my professional role.”
—K. Lopez, Course Recipient
Will recommend to my entire team!
—Machine Learning with Python Course Recipient
“I thought this class was well motivated, well paced, and very informative. In a role where I work closely with a team of data scientists, I feel this course has given me enough context and details of machine learning to engage in meaningful discussions around the topic.”
—Machine Learning with Python Course Recipient
“I had attempted to get into Python with the "type this code - get an error - go to Google" method. It worked, sort-of, but it was hard to get a broad picture of the language and what I was actually doing. This greatly helped me in getting a broad view of the language under the hood and showed me some practical uses for features in the language. I felt like I learned 3 months worth of material in 3 days!
—D. Getz, Course Recipient
“I am a programmer with a couple of years’ experience in other languages. I have recently started learning and using Python on side projects. I have been working off of the shaky google-it-when-I-have-a-question foundation up to this point. Now, many things are clearer and I feel I can use much more of the language with confidence
—T. Summer, Course Recipient
“What I enjoyed most about this course was that the language was well explained. It did not feel like I was having a bunch of information crammed down my neck. I feel like a now understand CoffeeScript too!”
—James, Course Recipient
“Python and scripting languages are new to me. Yet Python seems to be able to do a lot more than I expected. I really enjoyed this course. Matt is a very good instructor!
—Duke, Course Recipient
“The Hands-On assignments are killer!
—Neal, Course Recipient
“Nice breadth, very practical, easy to follow along. Everybody loved it. We already used some of the skills to debug two different production issues. Awesome!
—Aaron, Course Recipient

About Matt


Matt has been using Python since they had to sneak it under the VP's noses. As it has progressed to become a dominant platform for startups and large enterprise's alike, he has continued to wield it. Teaching courses at PyCon, Strata, OSCON, and more. Working in a breadth of fields from Search, Open Source, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, and Backend Systems.

He is the author of Machine Learning Pocket Reference, and best selling Illustrated Guide to Python 3, and Learning the Pandas Library, as well as other books.

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