Customized Python Training & Consultancy.

With many years (since 2000) of professional Python experience, MetaSnake is here to help you and your team succeed. Start using Python idiomatically.

MetaSnake is experienced in many of the most popular tools found in Python. iPython Notebook, Scikit Learn, Flask, Django, and more!


“I am a programmer with a couple of years’ experience in other languages. I have recently started learning and using Python on side projects. I have been working off of the shaky google-it-when-I-have-a-question foundation up to this point. Now, many things are clearer and I feel I can much more of the language with confidence
—T. Summer, Course Recipient
“What I enjoyed most about this course was that the language was well explained. It did not feel like I was having a bunch of information crammed down my neck. I feel like a now understand CoffeeScript too!”
—James, Course Recipient
“Python and scripting languages are new to me. Yet Python seems to be able to do a lot more than I expected. I really enjoyed this course. Matt is a very good instructor!
—Duke, Course Recipient
“The Hands-On assignments are killer!
—Neal, Course Recipient

Customized Services for Companies of All Sizes


Walk the walk, talk the talk.


Code reviews.

Best Practices

Setting up code and processes to drive success.

Data Analysis

Find trends and outliers for your systems.

Machine Learning

Mine your data for insights.


Optimize your development time.

Backend Services

Scalable distributed services.

Web Development

Creating web apps to optimize processes.



Customized training for Python. Learn the basics and idiomatic practices. Learn advanced constructs and gotchas. Learn libraries and frameworks to take you to the next level.

Training includes presentation, cheatsheets, and innovative self-correcting assignments to measure what you have learned.


Customized for Your Organization
  • Half-Day to Week Long

    Our courses will fit your schedule
  • Introduction to Python

    Want to learn Python quickly? We can help
  • Need Jedi Skills?

    We can help with that too.
  • Need a Custom Course?

    If you need something other than the Standard Library, Testing, Unicode, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Flask, or SQLAlchemy, let us craft a course for you



We have a breadth of experience across many verticals. Are you starting off a new project and want to make sure you are set up correctly? Need to migrate code over to Python? Doing data analysis or predictive modeling? Migrating to serverless? Backend services? Testing and automation? We can assist. And are cheaper than a full-time junior developer.


Packages to Fit Your Needs
  • Python Audit

    A complete 13 point checkup on your code
  • Jump Starter

    Lay down the foundations for your code to get started in the right way
  • Custom Development

    Development of what you need
  • Python Master

    Monthly access to Python best practices and advice

About Matt


Matt has been using Python since the time when they had to sneak it under the VP's noses. As it has progressed to become a dominant platform for startups and large enterprise's alike, he has continued to wield it. Teaching courses at PyCon, Strata, OSCON, and more. Working in a breadth of fields from Search, Open Source, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, and Backend Systems.

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